Mobile Seed Cleaning

Seed Cleaning was the first service that Collyers first offered in 1993, and it remains a core part of the business today. When a farmer takes a good crop off a field and knows that he has quality seed with characteristics he would like to continue to use, it makes sense to re-use the seed.
We provide an on-site service that cleans and dresses the seed then bags it up ready for drilling. It’s a quick, economical and reliable service.
The mobile cleaner comes complete with its own power supply and a unique feature of supplying a forklift for moving the bags so the farmers forklift is not tied up. The machine is run by full time experienced staff to achieve the Collyers philosophy of making it easier for the grower requiring limited input of farm staff and equipment at busy times of the year.
The equipment used is the same as commercial seed merchants but our service is mobile. It has a Law Denis rotary cleaner and gravity selector and a Vanguard 15 dresser supplied and serviced by Bayer CropScience. We can produce up to 10 tonnes of seed an hour all the farmer has to do is put It in a trailer with a shute in the door.
Dressing involves applying any fungicide or insecticide required in precise amounts using this specialist equipment.
All seed can be tested for germination and TGW and any other tests that are required by the grower. We are authorised to collect BSPS Plant Royalties if the farmer requires.

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